Dee Ann Arey Parker Real Estate Agent
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Dee Ann Arey Parker Real Estate Agent

Dee Ann Arey – Managing Partner

Dee Ann has been in Colorado so long (more than 20 years in the Denver area) that she feels like a native. She knows the region like the back of her hand. She and her husband raised three daughters here, so she knows the area’s playgrounds, parks, highways, byways, schools, theaters, and just about everything else about this wonderful place.

Her love of Denver, and of Colorado on the whole, is what led her to become a REALTOR . Each time she leaves her home and sees our mountains, creeks, and beautiful parks, she realizes how fortunate she is to live her and wants other people to experience that, too. Loving the place you live makes it easy to be passionate about a job like real estate. The fact that she helps others find the homes of their dreams is just the icing on the cake.

Dee Ann has been in real estate for over a decade and has a strong philosophy about serving her clients. When you work with her, you’re more than just a name and a transaction. The people with whom she works have become friends; So many of them come back to work with her time and time again.

When you work with Dee Ann, know that you’ll have an advocate. You’ll have someone who fights for what you need and speaks up for what’s important to you. You’ll have someone who is armed with the knowledge and experience you need and also with the fervor and fight you want. You’ll have someone who’ll respond to you, who’ll work for you, and who will find the answers you need.

Together, achieve your goals of home ownership and have fun in the process! Dee Ann and her partner will do whatever it takes through listening, understanding, connecting, and delivering to be your voice in real estate and to get the job done right.